How it all began

Catherine Leduc from Luzarches came to Montrose to spend a year as an assistante at Montrose Academy. She also spent some time in the local primary schools, one of them Lochside Primary. During her year her father Alain Leduc, headmaster of the primary school, Louis Jouvet, in Luzarches, came over to Montrose to visit her. He was introduced to the then headmaster of Lochside Primary Peter Andrews. Both men being enthusiastic Europeans established a link between their two schools and for several years there were very successful exchanges between the pupils from class 7 and their equivalents in Luzarches. To establish the link even further Catherine married a local man James Taylor!
The Montrose Community Council adopted the idea of the link and on 18 August 1993 called a public meeting. Though the meeting was attended by a mere handful of Montrosians, a Steering Committee was elected. On 16 September the first official Steering Committee meeting was held. In November there was an exploratory visit to Montrose by a Luzarches deputation of three, when, after much discussion, it was decided to proceed. In May 1994 a delegation of ten visited Luzarches when the French language version of the Twinning Charter was signed. In June 1995 a Luzarches delegation of twenty including the Mayor came to Montrose when the English language version of the Twinning Charter was signed in front of an estimated 4,000 in Montrose High Street.

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