Welcome to Montrose Twinning Association

I wDinner at the House of Dun Sept 2009ould like to stress the wonderful friendships that can be made between the townsfolk of Luzarches and ourselves and that language does not need to be a barrier.

The people there are so genuine and friendly towards us that it almost feels like we are going home when we are in their company.

I would like to see more people taking advantage of the opportunities of sharing the two cultures. Every one of the trips we have made has been memorable to the extreme and likewise our French guests love the Scottish way of life.

Robina Addison, President of Montrose Twinning Association.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Montrose Twinning Association

  1. I agree with your comments. My family and I have visited Luzarches on many occasions and have always felt very welcome. We have stayed with the same family, La Famille Goulmand, and feel like part of their family. It is always a pleasure going to Luzarches and I look forward to the next trip.

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